Hypnosis and EMDR

Hypnosis and EMDR or Eyes Movement Desensibilitazion Reprocessing are not the same, the former simply uses exercises, words, objects, etc. to relax the patient and to be able to access the unconscious with their permission to search for information that the conscious does not have and bring it up with the intention of working on the information that may be causing trauma to the patient. EMDR uses eye movement to reorder or reprocess the trauma experienced by changing the emotion before the event, the patient is not hypnotised.

A doctor will use Hypnosis on patients who have erased from their conscious memories some event or episode that has hurt them and marked them in some way, so they are experiencing painful or unwanted experiences in their present life without knowing why. Once this information is accessed with Hypnosis, then the practitioner will give a series of psychological or other alternatives to heal the trauma.

Sound waves in the dark

I have a close friend who used this technique to be able to relive in the present a tragic family situation that had held her back in her life, by bringing this back, since she had forgotten it because when it happened she was a child, she managed to connect with that moment to live a grief that she had not lived and take out the pain that she had been carrying for years, she moved forward and overcame it, she is an example of perseverance and success for me. She is an example of perseverance and success. She is tireless because she not only made use of this technique, but like many of us, she searched and searched for something and something else, everything helped her and she learned from everything.

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